Hello. Chances are you're reading this. If you are, hello. Doesn't hurt to greet twice. James Bond said that in a film. If you're not, get your filthy paradoxes out of my sight and come back with some clean ones.

This here is the first entry in what I hope becomes a regular part of this website: namely, a blog. In this section of my Internet palace, you will find thoughts, ideas and generally whatever verbal (and perhaps visual) balderdash spews forth from my brain-fingers. Please continue to check here often or you can subscribe to the blog instead/as well.

I'll leave you with this: if logs are made by lumberjacks then that makes me a sort of "web lumberjack", or "blumberjack". And with that in mind, please join hands and stand if you can and heed the not unimmortal words of my kind: "I AM A BLUMBERJACK, AND THIS IS MY BLOG"